Professional Supports for Your Art

    Artefex Panels are lightweight but rigid and durable supports for a wide range of paint, drawing and mounting applications. Available in most common sizes, Artefex Panels can also be ordered in custom sizes and configurations.

    We start with aluminum composite material (ACM)

    Artefex Panels are built on rigid composite materials—two strong sheets of aluminum bonded to a solid polyethylene core. The unique composition of these 3 mm (1/8″) panels makes them lightweight, dimensionally stable and strong. Artefex Panels are not affected by humidity changes or temperature fluctuations, even during shipping. The light weight and thin profile of these panels makes them ideal for plein air and studio painting. They transport easily and store perfectly in tight spaces.

    We next apply the best surfaces for your painting or drawing technique

    Each panel is prepared with a surface suitable for different painting and drawing techniques:

    • 100% Linen canvas, oil primed,
    • 100% Linen canvas, acrylic primed
    • Cotton-polyester, acrylic primed
    • Alkyd primed
    • Absorbent ground for tempera, watercolor and silverpoint

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