Artefex Ambassador Tim Rees

Timothy Rees began his training in early 2009 with a workshop by Jeremy Lipking before pursuing independent study at the Palette and Chisel in Chicago, IL. In 2011 he joined the teaching staff at the P&C and began teaching workshops around the world. In 2012 he moved to Arizona and began teaching at the Scottsdale Artists’ School. In 2014 he launched The Academy at Scottsdale Artists’ School, a two year accelerated classical training program. The program was moved to the Art Renewal Center accredited Rees Atelier in 2017, where an additional full time program was added. In 2018 he launched two landmark comprehensive instructional video sets: the Classical Drawing Bundle and the Classical Painting Bundle, covering in detail the atelier curriculum, assignment demonstrations, and core concepts with textbooks, catalogs, and 200 hours of video. He has won several awards, including the Palette and Chisel’s Gold Medal Exhibition Peoples Choice Award, Beaux Art’s Peoples Choice award (three consecutive years), and FASO’s bold brush award, among others. He has also appeared in several publications, including features in American Art Collector Magazine, International Artist, and Southwest Art Magazine

My Favorite Panels:

Allinpanel Oil Primed Linen Fine (Buy Here)

Allinpanel Oil Primed Linen Extra-Fine (Buy Here)