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The Ceracolors retail display is completely modular. Each display consists of yellow hexagon units that can be arranged into nearly any configuration. The units are easy to assemble using clear, u-channel mouldings or fastening clips. Create any custom shape out of the Ceracolors display to fit your space. Stack them high to create a tall display. Stack them across to make a low, horizontal display.

Unlike typical color display racks, Ceracolors collapsible tubes are stacked on their sides in the modular display. Each tube comes with a color label on the cap with an actual color swatch hand-applied to the label. Each hexagon unit can hold up to six tubes of Ceracolors water-soluble wax paint.

Ceracolors wide modular displayThe design of the Ceracolors modular display will attract the attention of your store’s customers. Place the Ceracolors display near the point-of-sale system (or cash register) in your store to maximize sales. You may also want to place the display next to an encaustic paint display, if one exists, or in your water-based paint area, such as acrylic or watercolor paints.

Ceracolors Hexagonal Display Units

Hexagonal Unit (front)The yellow modular hexagonal units are pre-assembled before shipping. Each unit is shaped into a hexagon from a flat aluminum sheet and bonded along one edge and tab with epoxy adhesive at the factory. If the units you received were shipped flat, please see these instructions for assembling the hexagon units.

Parts Included with the Modular Display

U-Channel ClipsYour modular display includes 1) yellow hexagon units; 2) narrow u-channel clips (1″ 11/32″ x 3/32″); 3) wide u-channel clips (1″ x 9/16″ x 5/32″); 4) color labels; 5) Ceracolors sign; and 6) sign holder.

The displays include a set of narrow u-channel clips and wide u-channel clips (see figure at right). The two types of clear plastic clips fasten the hexagon units together.

Tip: Make sure that all yellow hexagon units are rigid and have not come apart at the tab, as some units may become dislodged during shipping.

Assembling the Ceracolors Modular Display

1. Remove the plastic covering the yellow hexagonal units.

2. Plan the shape you want for your display. We have provided images (above) of two possible configurations that work well, but you have the freedom to assemble them in many other ways that will better suit your needs.

Display Assembly Figure 1
Figure 1

Tip: Arrange the hexagonal units so that the weight of the display is distributed symmetrically, ensuring the display is properly balanced and will not tip over.

3. Once you have a clear plan of what your display will look like, lay out the bottom (base) row of hexagon units on a flat surface with the front of the units facing up. (See Fig. 1)



Display Assembly Figure 2
Figure 2

4. Clip the base hexagonal units together, using the narrow u-channel clips. (See Fig. 2)

5. Flip the units over and attach the wide u-channel clips to the back side of the hexagonal units. (See Fig. 3)




Figure 3
Figure 3

6. Face the units up again, and place the next row of hexagon units directly above the (base) hexagon units. (See Fig. 4)

7. Attach the base hexagonal units to the second row of hexagons, using the narrow u-channel clips. (See Fig. 5)




Figure 4
Figure 4

8. Flip the entire unit over and attach the wide u-channel clips to the back side of the hexagonal units.

9. Turn the hexagonal display over with the front facing up, and place a third row of hexagonal units above the second row.




Figure 5
Figure 5

10. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the third and each new row of hexagonal units.

11. After the desired display shape is made, attach the color labels to the tabs on each of the hexagonal units.

12. Place the display upright and check to be sure that all u-channel clips firmly grip the walls of the hexagonal units. The display should be sturdy before inserting tubes into individual hexagonal units.

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