Artefex Tempanel is a professional panel for tempera painting on an aluminum composite panel, consisting of two aluminum sheets laminated to both sides of a black polyethylene core. Tempanel is 3mm thick and is available in sizes from 5 x 7 to 16 x 20 inches.

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Tempanel is a lightweight but rigid and durable aluminum composite material (ACM)—two strong sheets of aluminum bonded to a solid black polyethylene core. One aluminum side has a mill (metallic) finish. This panel is 3mm thick and is available in sizes from 5 x 7 to 16 x 20 inches. This weather-resistant panel is ideal for the following paint mediums:

  • Egg Tempera
  • Casein Tempera (Milk Paint)
  • Distemper (Glue Tempera)
  • Watercolor

Tempanel can also be used with acrylic and oil/alkyd paints. Due to the absorbency of the priming of Tempanel, we recommend applying a coating to the panel prior to painting with oil paints to reduce the absorbency of the ground. This can be done with simply a toning layer of oil paint.

Tempanel Ground Specifically for Tempera

The ground of Artefex Tempanel is a polymer emulsion ground formulated for tempera painting to posses similar absorbent and sandable properties as traditional gesso or chalk grounds. The ground contains high levels of titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate and wollastonite to produce an easily sanded surface. The surface is very absorbent and specifically formulated as a ground for tempera painting, providing a surface ideally suited for egg, casein and collagen (skin glue) paint.

Tempanel for all Painting Mediums

Although the ground on Tempanel is specifically formulated for tempera paint, it is ideal for any medium where an absorbent ground is desired. It can be used for acrylic, encaustic and oil paint.

Superior to Wood Panels

Artefex Tempanels offer a superior support for tempera painting compared to wood panels because Tempanels have very low response to environmental changes, such as relative humidity (RH) and temperature.

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