GridPanel: Lightweight and Super Rigid Artists Panels

GridPanel Core

GridPanel is a strong, aluminum composite panel with a high-density corrugated polypropylene core that will not swell, corrode, rot, absorb water, or delaminate even under prolonged exposure.

These panels have been field-tested through extensive freeze/thaw cycling tests with no significant structural panel failure. They are ideal for paint or mounting artwork. GridPanels are strong and lightweight, and much more rigid than standard ACM panels. In fact, they are the same weight as an .040″ thick aluminum sheet yet 50 times stronger.

This weather-resistant panel is ideal for a wide range of paint mediums (depending on the surface prep) and mounting applications including:

  • Acrylic
  • Drawing, i.e., charcoal, ink and silverpoint
  • Encaustic and wax
  • Oil, oil-resin and alkyd
  • Tempera, i.e., casein, egg, hide glue (distemper)
  • Watercolor and gouache
  • Mounting canvas and paper

Compared to wood panels Artefex GridPanels offer a superior support for painting and mounting because ACM panels are virtually unaffected by environmental changes, such as relative humidity (RH) and temperature. This is a professional panel for painting when primed with water- or oil-based primers or for mounting canvas and paper.

Wide Selection of Surfaces

Choose from unprimed panels, panels primed with acrylic, oil and absorbent emulsion grounds, and panels mounted with linen or cotton canvas primed with oil or acrylic grounds. The wide range provides a panel for any medium and art work.

The Best Support for Artwork

Although wood is a better choice than stretched fabrics for long-lasting works of art, Artefex Panels provide far more stability and resistance to the environment than even sealed wood panels, because they are unaffected by moisture.