Copper Artist Panels

Artefex Copper Artist Panel is a professional panel for oil painting on a copper composite panel, consisting of a copper and an aluminum sheet laminated to both sides of a plastic core. Artefex Copper Artist Panels offer a superior support for painting compared to wood panels because Copper Artist Panels have very low response to environmental changes, such as relative humidity (RH) and temperature.

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Copper Artist panel is a lightweight but rigid and durable copper composite material (CCM)—one strong sheet of copper and another sheet of aluminum bonded to a solid black polyethylene core. The aluminum side has a mill (metallic) finish and the copper side is available in either a natural or abraded finish. This panel is 4mm thick and is available in sizes from 5 x 27 to 24 x 30 inches. This weather-resistant panel is ideal for the following paint mediums:

  • Oil-alkyd
  • Oil-resin
Panel Properties
Total Thickness: 4mm (0.157 in.)
Core: Polyethylene (solid)
Panel Weight: 6.1 kg/m2
Copper Sheet
Metal Thickness: 0.2mm (0.0078 in.)
Thermal Expansion: 1.7mm/m @ 100°C
Metal Alloy: Deoxidized, High Residual Phosphorus (Cu-DHP EN 1172)*
Metal Weight: 8.94 kg/m2
Aluminum Sheet
Metal Thickness: 0.3mm (0.012 in.)
Thermal Expansion Coeficient: 23.2 (10-6/ºC)
Metal Alloy: 3003**
Metal Weight: 2.73 kg/m2

Metal Alloys

*Commercially pure copper is deoxidized with phosphorus to leave a relatively high content of this element. This alloy is not susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement. The conductivity of this copper alloy is relatively low due to the high phosphorus content. The chemical composition of phosphorus-deoxidized, high residual phosphorus copper alloy (Cu-DHP) is a minimum of 99.85% copper (Cu) and 0.013 to 0.050% phosphorus (P). This alloy is also classified as Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) C1220 and American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) C12200.

**3003 aluminum alloy, an aluminium-manganese alloys, is a general-purpose alloy with moderate strength, good workability, and good corrosion resistance. It is commonly rolled and extruded. It is also commonly used in sheet metal applications such as gutters, downspouts, roofing, and siding. The chemical composition of 3003 aluminium alloy is:
Aluminium: 96.8 to 99%
Copper: 0.05 to 0.20%
Iron: 0.70% max
Manganese: 1.0 to 1.5%
Silicon: 0.6% max
Zinc: 0.1% max